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Terry Dee [agency]   21.05.2010, 15:45

Lovaniya in to experiment with a new look

With her already chameleon like ability to change her look, Lovaniya wanted to go even further with a goth themed shoot. The challenge was with her olive skin tone. The India born beauty can obviously pull off Indian looks but can also look, Latin, urban, Italian and many others but we wondered about a pale goth type look. After a little brainstorming and double checking with Make-Up Artist Trish Stowell, we decided to work with her natural skin and go from there. A purple tinted wig, exaggerated make-up and a few accessories later, and a successful shoot was happening. We were able to combine this fun, port building shoot with another paid shoot which certainly helps the time spent to be more valuable.

Lovaniya can be found at and can be booked through our agency.


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