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Siddharth Shashankan
Last activity: 08.09.2011, 12:03
Модельер Siddharth Shashankan
Brand: Hangar
ID: 1832
Country: India
City: Pondicherri (Pondicherry)
Phone: +91 9884789033
Address: GC , Block-1, Magnolia Park, No.2 Five Furlong road , Guindy , Chennai 600032

Rating: 205

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HANGAR,a high end fashion label designed and produced by Hangar Atelier , offers women’s wear and men’s wear ensembles in the categories of formal, resort ,bridal and more… The label is very detail oriented and lays special emphasis on design techniques in innovative styles with high quality fabrics and finishes. Smart use of textures, exclusive prints, balanced silhouettes, neat and structured cuts are all highlights of Hangar. The label’s forte is that it offers custom fittings and un-paralleled service in terms of fashion consulting, styling and wardrobe enhancement. Siddharth Shashankan : Is a versatile designer who graduated from Raffles Design Institute ,Singapore. He is the Chief Designer and Founder CEO of Envisage ,to which Hangar and Hangar Atelier belong. Fibin V Raj : Heads the Design division of Hangar Atelier. Fibin graduated from NIFT Chennai in 2005 with top honours and has worked with NIFT and Naihaa before joining Hangar Atelier.

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