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Hammad Sheikh
Last activity: 23.04.2010, 13:32
Модельер Hammad Sheikh
meeting a deadline to open a new store by Apr' 15.2010
Brand: Red Deer Apparel
ID: 304
Country: Canada
City: Mississauga (Ontario)
Phone: 1 647 892 8043

Rating: 89

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Designer Hammad  Sheikh was born and raised in a business oriented family where he was encouraged initially by his brother & father to join a fashion school after finishing his early college years in Commerce. He decided to take a u-turn in his academics by attending Ryerson University, school of fashion and Intl’ Academy of Design& Tech. in Toronto, Canada to pursue his passion and feel for fashion.  Hammad was keen to discover fashion trends to stand out of crowd since age of 14.

While attending Ryerson Univ. School of Fashion, Hammad took part in various events and fashion shows by volunteering to gain experience as well working for number of retail stores as a Sales Associate and Visual Merchandiser. After completing his internship at GUCCI, Toronto Hammad decided to begin his career at a local fashion company where he designed and produced souvenir and licensed apparel.

Working at his current job, He decided to take a bold step and went overseas to develop his own product line. He spent a year researching and visiting different factories and came up with his own prêt wear line called ‘Red Deer Apparel’ that includes Men’s, Women’s and Intimates division.  After forming his own fashion house in Mississauga in 2005, CoutureSin Design Studio operates as a design house with capabilities to design, produce and sell its own high quality fashion apparel. Our apparel is designed to be valuable, irresistible, inspiring and authentic. All the ‘Red Deer Apparel’ products are crafted with finest materials and with greatest of care.

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