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Family Skiners
Last activity: 15.06.2014, 17:05
Модельер Family Skiners
Brand: FamilySkiners
ID: 5406
Country: Russia
City: Moscow (Moscow and Moscow Region)
Phone: 89295266931
Address: Moscow

Rating: 62

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A little about us: There are two of us. We live in a beautiful town, called Moscow,in Russia. We are occupied with creating accessories, clothes and decorations made of natural leather, fur and other materials, and we do it PROFESSIONALLY! Our qualification is clothes design. We work professionally, as besides diplomas of formal qualifications we have more than ten years of experience in this sphere. Leather is our passion and love for the rest of our life! We work in different styles, but we prefer Rock, Steampunk, Fantasy, Fashion and Horror styles. All items are done manually from the beginning to the end. Horror is one of our favourite styles. We are inspired in our work by good music,Cinema, books, the nature. Yours sincerely, Elena and Roman. Enjoy.

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Reynaldo Martinez
Reynaldo Martinez
Very Good

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