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Lilia Poustovit
Модельер Lilia Poustovit
Brand: Poustovit
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev (Kievskaya obl.)
Phone: +380442886331

Rating: 101



Intelligence, genuineness and traditions are the basic values of POUSTOVIT brand. Being a cosmopolitan at heart, Lilia Poustovit is a true patriot. As for the designer the native design is an integral part of the world cultural processes. Therefore romantic conceptualism with ethnic background is a strategic direction of the brand. As the designer says, our roots and traditions will always be a source of the Big Idea. Authentic always remains modern and actual.

According to the schedule of the world fashion industry, Lilia demonstrates collections for POUSTOVIT brand at Ukrainian Fashion Week and Russian Fashion Week twice a year. In parallel the designer develops a separate line for the concept ATELIER 1 (POUSTOVIT FOR ATELIER 1) that is sold in three most famous concept-stores in the world: Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), 10 Corso Como (Seoul) and L'Eclaireur (Paris).

Undoubtedly, ethnic roots have had powerful influence on the formation of well recognised style of Lilia Poustovit and have caused a unique "multilayering" style of the designer: sobriety and pedantry of North, romance and sharp sense of colours of South, mystic and depth of East, pragmatism and simplicity of West. Softness and sensuality are brand identity of POUSTOVIT. Pathos, provocation and epatage are alien to the brand nature.

Perfect cut. Graphic silhouettes. Clear lines. Simple forms. Accurate compositions. Volume. Decor. Wrap overs. Draperies. Folds. Pleats. Ruffles. Low waist. Prints. Ribbons. Embroidery. Laces. Natural fabrics. Compound but natural colours. Comfort. Individuality.

Charismatic. Tranquil and harmonious. Natural in her ambivalence. Looks harmoniously in any environment. Trendsetter. Doesn’t look back at others. Creates her unique style.

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