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Agency Reign Modeling & Management

United States, New York, New York
Owner: Kenneth Watson
Created: 03012007
Address: 154 Grand Street
Phone: (212)361-9141
Fax: (212)924-2617



Hello Fashionista!!

Allow me to introduce the newest entrant to the fashion industry…REIGN Modeling & Management!! Our objective is to offer service with excellence and simply Reign in all entities of fashion.

Introducing Reign Modeling & Management, the hottest new production company and modeling agency in the fashion community.  Founded in Maryland; based in New York Reign Modeling & Management has a world wide vision to service both talent and clients in the areas of fashion, art, music, and entertainment.  On every platform imaginable, it is Reign’s goal to become a bright light in the spectrum of the modeling industry and world of fashion. From editorial visibility in the slickest magazines to the bi-annual fashion and cosmetic campaigns to lucrative catalogues; we aspire greatness.  We have a talented team and look for tomorrow stars to execute our vision.  Are you the next star? We are a professional and aggressive operation that works tirelessly for both model and customer.




The Agency


As a model, when you sign with RMM what you get is a total career assessment. Goals are set and a cohesive plan is put in place to get you the top of the modeling business, and more importantly, keep you there. More than at any other agency, "management" in all its implications is engaged to its fullest potential. We are committed to a much focused concentration to take a new face from nothing to maximum visibility, very quickly.  It is our goal to become the No. 1 choice for any aspiring model.

We are a fashion modeling agency representing professional models only and specializing in models ranging in age from teens to twenties. We welcome submissions from both women and men from around the world.

Height:  Men: 6’0 -6’2”   Women: 5’9 -6’0    Ages: 16-24

Height: Women: 5’7” or taller   Ages 14-15

Age: Although we do occasionally makes exceptions, if you are outside the 15-24 year of age, you may wish to investigate other agencies which specialize in children or older adults.



The Production Company


A.M. E is a division of RM&M that service clients in two main capacities, public relations and production.  A. M. E is capable of accompanying clients through your entire project, or just for a specific need or goal. By acting as a central nervous system A. M. E can tap into and co-ordinate fashion presentations/events on local, national and global levels. We offer an all-inclusive approach, with hands-on access to all the creative, technical and organizational elements necessary to make your project, however big or small, a success.  As publicist we work aggressively to create and promote brand recognition for our clients.


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