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Agency scoutmodelbook

Germany, Dsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Owner: Dieter Iking
Created: 1990
Address: Franklinstrasse 33
Phone: 4915120502020
Fax: 0049


BECOME A MODEL Travel is a must for models, so we are looking for young, dedicated models. Models wanted for Brasilien · Deutschland · England · Frankreich · Italien · Hongkong · Japan · Thailand · Korea · USA · Singapur Scoutmodelbook Management, deals with direct booking of models round the world, provides contracts with the top model agencies from New York to Tokyo. scoutmodelbook is an exclusive scouting agency founded and managed from the best professional experts present in Germany Nowadays. The AIM of scoutmodelbook is to combine both the wide experience of their management team with the best selection of professional models from all over the world. We has established long term partnership with international model agencies, such as Elite, Women, Next, Major, DNA and other leading agencies. We are experienced, so we are better and faster! If you are interested in becoming a model for scoutmodelbook, please email us to: Please provide the following Information: Your name, age, height, contact information. We do not need professional shots with any application. Snapshots are just perfect but be sure to include at least one clear headshot and one full-length shot. From these we can make an assessment as to your modelling potential and whether we would like to arrange a meeting. Please ensure each image is not larger than 300KB in size. male: Age 15-25, 183cm or taller female: age 14-23, 173cm or taller Do You Know Someone Who Could Be? Thanks a lot and kind regards M a n a g e m e n t S c o u t m o d e l b o o k Düsseldorf - Moscow -  Riga - Kiev -  Warsaw -  Prague


scoutmodelbook is looking for : Female Models: Age: 14-23 | Height: 173 - 180 cm Male Model: Age: 15-25 | Height: 184 - 190 cm Are you able and willing to travel for a couple of months at a time? When are you available to travel (how long and from where)?: scoutmodelbook is a leading international scouting and placement agency that places models with the best agencies that the models talent and profile allows. Our ambition is to maximize the models potential and to make sure that their business partners receive the best possible service at any given time. scoutmodelbook also assists agencies worldwide to manage and place their models when they are too busy or overloaded with booking demands. We have built an excellent reputation and our unique and personal form of management always tries to make the model feel safe with us during his/her stay abroad. This is provided due to the strong relationship and trust that we have built with all agencies we work with. scoutmodelbook works with partners in many countries to best ensure the models are going to the right market at the right time with the right agency: fashion markets are dynamic and many scouting and placement agencies have out of date information. We don't. For more information on any questions please email If you are a model looking for representation please
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