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Kyle Butler
Last activity: 31.03.2011, 11:28
ID: 360
Country: United States
City: Chicago (Illinois)
Experience: Some experience
Languages: English, Spanish
Age: 24
Height: 187 cm (6' 2'')
Weight: 73 kg (163 lbs)
Bust: 91 cm (37'')
Waist: 78 cm (32'')
Hips: 96 cm (39'')
Dress: 7 (usa)
Shoe: 11 (usa)
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eyes color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Agency: independent
Rating: 90

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Professional interests:

Available for:

Print / Catalog
Hair / Makeup
TV / Video

Photography genres:

Life style
Body Parts


Available for TFP/TFCD

– Actor/Actress
– Have polaroids


Warning: Growing back the body hair. Take about a month to be in full. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks for your consideration and understanding though!

Hi! My name is Peter, and I am a life model looking for more work. I am very comfortable modeling (with others, public/private, harsh weather, long or short poses, whatever). I am very open to any subject matter (and I do prefer the work to have a subject matter / direction). I've been modeling for art classes, studios, students, etc. for about 5 years now. I am very reliable, and available anytime (day or night); though might need 2 weeks notice to request for time off my current job. I am willing to cut my hair and shave, or grow, or whatever is needed for the shot - hair will regrow.

Things I'm willing to do: pose with other models, be touched (male or female, just not penetrated, no sex), work with any subject matter, pose for fetishes, do anything that is legal, pose in public, go full nude (it's all I've been doing for past 5-6 years), cut my hair to a certain style, be painted for a day, act, learn the basics of a language, being athletic (I bench max at 199, and run a mile in about 5 minutes), critique your artwork (I have minors at a Big Ten university in Fine Art & Design and Art History for a reason).

For scheduling, I'm able to model day and night at all hours; but I 'usually' work my real job Monday 4-11pm, Tuesday 10-5pm, Wednesday 11-6pm, Friday 10am-11pm, and Sunday 11am-11pm. I can always do middle of the night work, but otherwise usually need 2 weeks before hand to request off - usually.

To artists: If I am hired by you, please inform me what to expect or what ideas you have in mind. Showing up to a shoot blind can be deconstructive for both of us; sometimes it can be a good thing though, open minds here, but not all the time. If you feel like your a slave driver, that's a okay with me; I'm a big boy and can fend for myself - I actually prefer them most of the time. Everyone needs some direction, and I'm always willing to receive it (in whichever form).

Additional details about my body: I have few scars, and no tattoos. I have never had a piercing. My chest is indented on the right side of my body. My inseam is 34. My facial hair takes two weeks to grow a full beard. I do have the diabetes (Type 1); it shouldn't effect the shoot, and I do take care of it. With the diabetes I do not drink wine; so please do not take offense to my decline of your offer, but I try only to drink water, diet, and hard alcohol. I am okay with taking extremely few, if any, breaks; call me a workaholic.

Compensation: I will not pay to model, I'm here to make money - not spend it. I will work for prints (depending on photographer). Cash is always acceptable, but we can cut the middle man and just want to get me things I want. Ofcourse it's all negotiable.

Sandwich game of Pros and Cons, cause we all got them, so let's get it out of the way and see what we can work with.
Pro: I speak some Spanish!
Con: I'm a bit new to the photography aspect of photography.
Pro: I'm very negotiable with rates (don't mistake me for a ditz though, I might not have an agent but I do have a lawyer).
Con: I am a guy, I know everyone wants that thin tall girl, oh well.
Pro: I'm athletic, very energetic, willing, and dependable.
Cons:Working for mostly drawers, sometimes forget facial expression.
Pro:I started off modeling for painters, so I'm used to holding long poses.
Con: I refuse to have sex on camera (for work), and no scarring (scratches and bruises are okay).
Pro: You can touch me, have others touch me, I don't really care.

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