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Santoni Woman Collection Autumn Winter 2012-2013

Santoni Woman Collection Autumn Winter 2012-2013

Santoni presents a new definition of chic through an exquisite feminine twist, surrounded by a peculiar flair.
The A/W 2012-13 Women's Collection impeccably portrays the DNA, history, stock of knowledge and unique ability of
Santoni to interpret reality from a contemporary point of view.
Remarkable features find their expression in the ultimate quality of the selected materials, such as alligator, python,
mink, printed Prince of Wales and eel, all hand-crafted following the foundations of Santoni's heritage.
The valuable processes of Santoni’s tradition give birth to antiqued and craquelé effects, combination of opposite colors
and materials, shabby fragrances, colorful distilled and spicy nuances.
The rich palette features multiple shades of grey, taupe, sandy, mid blue, burgundy, cognac with highlights of rusty
yellows, pumpkin and cinnabar inspired by the 70's.
Meticulous crafting procedures enshroud the collection with vintage flavors, giving the shoes an antique appearance,
trademark of the brand.
Particular attention to details is paid through visible seams, prominent yet feminine laces, bold heels, tassels and fringes.
All are iconic symbols of a casual elegance with a masculine taste.
The shapes are coherently inspired by a man's closet, viewed through the attentive eyes of a confident and strong
woman, far away from the usual clichés.
Typical men’s shoes, such as Loafers, Oxfords, laced ups, double buckled, Beatles and riding boots entwine with a
sophisticated and elegant feminine beauty, combining a country allure with a urban style.
Tradition for the new generation of traditionalists.



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