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Help & FAQ


Information for models:

1. Please, don’t upload small, bad quality (overexposed, fuzzy ....) or amateur photos (home exposure, me and my dog, me and my friend .....).
The informal user’s portfolio will be deleted without any warning.
2. There should be no watermarks on your main photograph (logos, addresses, websites and other things) - it doesn’t apply to personal photographers’ signature.
The main photograph should also portray your face. Image width should be at least 200 pixels.

It’s forbidden to set nude photos (containing naked body parts) as the main picture.
The account can be deleted or significantly lowered in rating for mismatching that request.
3. Writing your contact information in the "Additional Information" field is prohibited.
Your rating will be lowered in this case.
This is done to ensure you visit your "Profile", check for messages from customers and keep your personal information up to date more frequently. 
4. Please, don’t expose children. The sole exception is those ones who have some experience and professional photos.

Information for photographers:

1. It is necessary to upload some of your works to your portfolio or to mention a link to your portfolio. 

General information:

1. Any mass mailing advertising which is not consistent with the web site’s administration leads to account removing.
2. It is strictly prohibited to write any proposals to register on some external site. In this case your account and all correspondence will be removed without warning.
3. One day is given to complete the questionnaire. Your account will be removed if it won’t be filled in time.
4. Nude photos (demonstration of genitals) are prohibited.

Thank you for your understanding


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